Great stereonet applications

Screendump of Stereonet 3D

Screendump of Stereonet 3D

Stereonet plotting programs are extremely valuable, particularly to those of us that are collecting field data. I have enjoyed using my iPhone app (GeoID) to collect geo-tagged measurements over the last year or two, and being able to easily import data into Stereonet3D is nice. Stereonet3D is written by Nestor Cardozo and Rick Allmendinger, and the last version of this application does most of what I want a stereonet program to do:

3D view of Stereonet3D

3D view of Stereonet3D

•importing data with no hassle
•showing the data in a map/satellite window
•exporting data to kml files for display in GoogleEarth

While Stereonet3D is MacOS software, Rick Allmendinger’s Steronet 9, which is a similar application with many of the same features, comes in Mac, Windows, and Linux versions. The advantage of this is that the same binary file is compatible across all different versions. 

These two programs are closely related, but with certain differences.

Screendump of Stereonet9 (from Rick's website)

Screendump of Stereonet9 (from Rick’s website)

Which one will serve your purpose best is something you have to figure out through a little testing. If you are using it for educational purposes, for example, Stereonet3D’s interactive 3D view may be particularly useful. Try it out!

Stereonet 9 is downloadable from Rick’s programs website, while Stereonet3D is now available from Apples App Store for a nominal fee. Many thanks to these two structural geologists for putting a lot of work into something that we all benefit from!

Link to Stereonet9:

Link to Stereonet3D:


About Haakon Fossen

Professor of structural geology, University of Bergen. Author of book Structural Geology, published at Cambridge University Press
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2 Responses to Great stereonet applications

  1. Eric de Kemp says:

    Thanks Haakon ! Perhaps someone has also done an iphone/android stereonet as well as a much needed update to the old ArcView stereo for ArcGIS.


  2. I use two iPhone apps that I find very useful: GeoID and FieldMove Clino. GeoID because I have used it for a long time and it’s easy to use, but trying to move to Midland Valley’s FieldMove Clino because it has more options (but I think I need to read the manual to use it efficiently).

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