Winter geology

Folded Caledonian protomylonites. The folding occurred during extensional reactivation of the low-angle basal décollement zone in S Norway (the basal thrust zone).

Snow is here for those of us living up north, but this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying geology and structures. I have done a lot of geology with skis on my feet, especially in the spring. This beauty of a fold is located in the Kvamskogen area east of Bergen, at a mountain called Solhellenuten. It formed when the Caledonian nappes were sliding toward the hinterland on the basal décollement during Devonian extension.

Fun fold E of Bergen, Norway

Fun around folds E of Bergen, Norway. Skier is Sigurd Fossen.


About Haakon Fossen

Professor of structural geology, University of Bergen. Author of book Structural Geology, published at Cambridge University Press
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