Geologia estrutural: Structural Geology in Portuguese


The book

The Portuguese edition of my book Structural geology was released at the 46th Brazilian Geological Congress in Santos, Brazil last week. I had the great pleasure of being present at the conference, meeting many colleagues and students from all over Brazil. The Portuguese edition comes with a new frontispiece, with a picture of folded and faulted rocks of the Banded Iron Formation in northern Minnesota. The back has a picture of strained turbidites with a boudinaged quartz vein from New Hampshire, one of several localities that I visited in June thanks to Emeritus Professor Wally Bothner at the University of New Hampshire.

Presentation of the book in Santos.

I have to admit that I do not read Portuguese very well, but having followed the translation process closely I feel very confident that the translator, Dr. Fabio Dias, did an outstanding job, as did the staff at the publishing company Oficina de Textos. What a great conference, and what a great reception the book received! The book had to be resupplied two times during the conference as the publisher was selling it away from their exposition booth in great numbers. I sincerely hope that Geologia Estrutural will be of help to students and geologists in Portuguese-speaking countries over the years to come.

First pile of books being put up in the exhibition area.

Thanks to Dr. Fabio Dias, to Oficina de Textos, and to Statoil whose financial support has made the book more affordable!


About Haakon Fossen

Professor of structural geology, University of Bergen. Author of book Structural Geology, published at Cambridge University Press
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5 Responses to Geologia estrutural: Structural Geology in Portuguese

  1. Explorock says:

    It gets interesting, I hope eventually there could be some version in spanish. Regards and congrats!

  2. I am also hoping that a Spanish version will become a reality some day.

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you in Brazil! Congratulations, the portuguese version is excellent!Congratulations! The portuguese version is excelent

  4. Jaime Rego says:

    I’m brazilian and I have this book. It’s awesome. Thanks!

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