Cap de Creus

When geologists go for vacation they tend to keep an open eye for geology, or even plan on visiting geologically interesting sites in between other activities. I am no exception, and one such site that has been on my list for some time is the well-known Cap de Creus area in Spain near the border with France, which I visited a few days ago. This area, located where the Pyrenees reach the Mediterranean, has metamorphic rocks that show several phases of deformation, variously deformed pegmatite dikes, folds, refolded lineations and nice boudins. Here are a few examples:


Fold trains in quartz layer (vein). Note the connection between layer thickness and wavelength.


Anastomosing shear zones creating foliation fish structure.


Nice shear zone affecting preexisting fabric.


S-C fabric developed in granitic pegmatite. 


About Haakon Fossen

Professor of structural geology, University of Bergen. Author of book Structural Geology, published at Cambridge University Press
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