e-module Lineations

I decided to finish an e-learning module on lineations to go with Chapter 13 of my book. At this point I am sure there are errors and considerable room for improvement, and any comment that could lead to improvement would be very welcome. You can find the module here: http://folk.uib.no/nglhe/Emodules.html


About Haakon Fossen

Professor of structural geology, University of Bergen. Author of book Structural Geology, published at Cambridge University Press
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2 Responses to e-module Lineations

  1. Alberto Collareta says:

    Dear professor Fossen,
    I am an italian undergraduate student in geological sciences. I would like to congratulate and thank you for your e-learning modules in structural geology. I find them a very precious and nice instrument to prepare my test in structural geology and tectonics.
    Best regards
    Alberto Collareta

  2. Thanks Alberto! If you should have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to post them here or send me an email 🙂

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