Portuguese and 한국어 (Korean) editions

I just received an email from a frustrated Korean geology student who enjoyed using my book, but at the same time is struggling with the English language. I am pleased to announce that the book is being translated into not only Korean but also Portuguese (primarily for the Brazilian market). When? Not sure, but my guess would be late next fall.


About Haakon Fossen

Professor of structural geology, University of Bergen. Author of book Structural Geology, published at Cambridge University Press
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4 Responses to Portuguese and 한국어 (Korean) editions

  1. Jean-Michel Lemieux says:

    My own suggestion : I would love a French version. Not that I cannot read your book, but there are no good and modern structural geology books to use in French structural geology courses. I have tried english textbook, but there is so much vocabulary to learn and translate that this is frustrating for the students!

    • I would also love to see a French version. And a Spanish one too. It would be great if someone with the right skills would be willing to do the translation job. If someone out there feels the calling, then send me a word.

  2. Chao says:

    I would like to have Chinese Version. If there is a Chinese version, the largest population of geologists in the world would benefit from this excellent book about structure geology. I have a English version. It is very good book so far I have read.

  3. Rudra Mohan Pradhan. says:

    Respected Professor,
    I Rudra Mohan Pradhan from Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur.read the structural geology Book.Whatever/howmuch I read, Its a fantastic book I ever been seen.Thank You sir..
    Rudra Mohan Pradhan.
    Dept.of Geology & Geophysics.
    Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur.
    West Bengal-721302,India.

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